Gerontological Society of America
Sloan Research Network on Aging & Work Special Session
Jacquelyn James, Chair

Changing Attitudes/Expanding Possibilities for Later Life Employment
November 17,  2016
8:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.


Age Stereotypes at Work: Changing Attitudes toward Older Workers to Improve Successful Aging
Chair: Dorien Kooij, Tilburg University
Co-Chair: Kene Henkens, University of Amsterdam
Discussant: Gwenith Fisher, Colorado State University

  1. The Relevance of Alternative Age Concepts for Late-Career Employees
    Noemi Nagy, Daniel  Spurk, and Andreas Hirschi, University of Bern
  2. The Influence of Successful Aging on Performance Appraisal Ratings and Decisions
    Madison Hanscom and Jeanette Cleveland, Colorado State University
  3. Same as It Ever Was: Comparing Young Adults’ Age Bias toward Older Workers from 1989 and 2016
    Gretchen Petery and Janet Barnes-Farrell, University of Connecticut
  4. Do Attitudes Ever Change? Measuring Attitudinal Changes toward Older Workers Among Dutch Managers
    Harry Van Dalen, Tilburg University; Kene Henkens, University of Amsterdam


Aging, Continued Work, and Technology: Opportunities  and Challenges
Chair: Jacquelyn James, The Center on Aging & Work at Boston College
Co-Chair: Charlene Quinn, University of Maryland
Discussant: Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes, Boston College and Phillip Taylor, Federation University of AustraliaInnovative Technology Solutions for the Long-Term Care Work Force

  1. Innovative Technology Solutions for the Long-Term Care Work Force
    David Lindeman, University of California at Berkley
  2. Technology Innovations Enable Older Workers to Redefine Retirement
    Charlene C. Quinn, University of Maryland
  3. Workplace Technologies and Older Workers: Opportunities and Challenges
    Sara J. Czaja and Joseph Sharit, University of Miami


Work and Caregiving: Productive Aging from the Lenses of Employers, Employees and Public Policy
Chair: Nako Muramatsu, University of Chicago

  1. Age, Work-Family Conflict, and Coping: The Moderating Role of Gender
    Greg Thrasher, Kevin Wynne, Reed Bramble and Boris Baltes, Institute of Gerontology, Wayne State University
  2. Workplace Support Activation by Informal Elder Caregivers: Differentiating Awareness, Need and Use
    Brian Kaskie, University of Iowa; Matthew Andersson Yale University; Mark Walker, Louisiana State University
  3. Complexities of Family Caregivers in the Workplace: Implications for Caregivers and Employers
    Rebecca Schultz and Gregory Owen Wilder Research; Maureen Kenney and Jane Cunningham, Amherst H. Wilder Foundation; Sarah Baumgartner and Patricia Riley, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, Joseph Gaugler, University  of Minnesota
  4. Caregiving Time in Female Workers in Japan: Before and After Universal Long Term Care Insurance
    Naoko Muramatsu, Lijuan Yin and Michael Berbaum, University of Illinois at Chicago

Longer Working Lives: Predictors, Barriers and Facilitators
Chair: Cal Halvorsen, Washington University at St. Louis
Co-Chair: Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes, Boston College
Discussant: Phyllis Moen, University of Minnesota

  1. Impact of an Intervention to Encourage Manager Support for Flexible Work Options in Healthcare
    Jacquelyn James, Tay McNamara and Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes, Boston College
  2. Interest in Entrepreneurship among Adults Ages 50 to 70 Years
    Cal Halvorsen, Washington University at St. Louis
  3. Older Women and Paid Work: Sources of Fair and Unfair Treatment by Managers and Coworkers
    Phillip Taylor, Federation University of Australia; Christopher McLoughlin, National Seniors Australia; and Catherine Earl, Deakin University
  4. Supervisor Support and Work Group Inclusion: Associations with Perceived Age
    Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes and Tay McNamara, Boston College


Wednesday, November 16th, 6-8 p.m.
Mental Health 1 (BSS)

  • The Relationships among Income, Depression and Life Satisfaction of Korean Baby Boomer

Thursday, November 17th, 12:15-2:15 p.m.
Environment, Volunteering, and Civic Engagement (SRPP)

  • Social Determinants of Health, Health Disparities and Productive Aging: Findings from China

Work and Retirement (SRPP)

  • A Conceptual Model Translating Inter-generational Experiences and Empathy into the Workplace
  • Factors Associated with Working Status Among Older Adults: A Comparison Between China and India

Friday, November 18th, 9:30-11:30 a.m.
Health Care and Social Services (BSS)

  • Extrinsic, Intrinsic Rewards and Organizational Commitment among Home Health Aides: Age Difference

Friday, November 18th, 1-3:30 p.m.
Employment and Older Workers (BSS)

  • Declining Job Satisfaction, Extended Working Life (EWL) the “New Capitalism’
  • Does Women’s Work History Affect their Mental Health? Evidence from Korea
  • How does Disability Affect Unemployment Risk Among Older Workers? A Life Course Study
  • Predictors of Depression among Employed Korean Older Adults

Personality (BSS)

  • New Lenses on Careers and Identity from College through Mid-Life in Three Cohorts of Adults