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Resource Title: What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life's Third Age

Publication Title: Wiley

Publish Date: July 2020

What Retirees Want presents the culmination of 30 years of research by world-famous Age Wave expert Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., and author and consultant Robert Morison. It explains how the aging of the Baby Boomers will forever change our lives, businesses, government programs, and the consumer marketplace.

This exciting new stage of life, the Third Age, poses daunting questions:
What will old” look like in the years ahead? With continued advances in longevity, all of the traditional life-stage markers and boundaries will need to be adjusted.
What new products and services will boom as a result of this coming longevity revolution?
What unconscious ageist marketing practices are hurting people and business growth?
Will the majority of elder boomers outlive their pensions and retirement savings and how can this financial disaster be prevented?
What incredible new technologies of medicine, life extension, and human enhancement await us in the near future?
What purposeful new roles can we create for elder boomers so that the aging nations of the Americas, Europe, and Asia capitalize on the upsides of aging?
Which pioneering organizations and companies worldwide have created marketing strategies and programs that resonate with the quirky and demanding Boomer generation?

What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life’s Third Age

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