Type of Content: News

Subtype: Call for Papers

Resource Title: Human Resource Management & Employing Service Leavers, Reservists and Veterans

Publication Title: The Centre for Research into the Older Workforce

Publish Date: June 2020

This special issue will focus on the HRM implications in relation to the employment of Military Service leavers and Reservists including HRM interventions of employers in facilitating their transitions into secure civilian work; making best use of military acquired skills; and supporting workers in reconciling civilian work and military service.

The objectives of this special issue are to explore:

  • Employers’ perceptions of Service leavers and Reservists
  • HRM interventions which can support Service leavers and Reservists in work, in particular in relation to the transition from military to civilian work either permanently or between civilian and Reservist roles.
  • How military skills are matched with the needs of, and utilised by, employers
  • HRM policies and practices to support employers in reconciling civilian work with armed services.
Veterans and HRM IJHRM Special Issue

Resource URL: https://bit.ly/2ZMlhna