Type of Content: News

Subtype: Newspaper or Magazine Article

Resource Title: The Case for Hiring Older Workers

Publication Title: Harvard Business Review

Publish Date: September 26, 2019

“As the global economy ages, ageism bias will become a more important issue than ever. Put the terms “longevity” and “age” into your wellbeing, DEI, and recruiting strategies. Remember that many people — no matter their age — do not have enough money to retire (even if they wanted to). In the U.S., it costs $1 million to retire at age 65, yet 21% of Americans have no savings, and 10% have less than $5,000 in savings. All this to say, people of every age are motivated to come to work. If you can create an inclusive, fair, and meaningful experience for older employees, as well as younger ones, you’ll not only find your company becomes more innovative, engaging, and profitable over time, you will be benefiting society at large.”

The Case for Hiring Older Workers