Type of Content: News

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Resource Title: Reboot, Rewire or Retire: Finding Opportunities

Publication Title: Society of Actuaries --Work and the Retirement Journey

Publish Date: 2021

As people are living longer and private sector defined benefit (DB) plans are disappearing, many people need or want to work longer and retire later, or work as part of their retirement. However, Society of Actuaries research has consistently indicated that retirees have retired about five years earlier than pre- retirees expect to retire. And many individuals are trying to decide if they will reboot, rewire or retire as they leave longer-term traditional jobs. Specialized organizations are available to help individuals find new jobs, but many larger employers do not seem engaged with these issues. Therefore, workers are primarily on their own to seek paths that meet their goals. This essay provides information about some of these specialized placement organizations and ideas for identifying opportunities depending on the type of path chosen.

Reboot, Rewire or Retire: Finding Opportunities

Resource URL: https://bit.ly/32rH57K