Type of Content: News

Subtype: Podcast

Resource Title: Paul lrving: The Future of Aging

Publication Title: USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology

Publish Date: January 23, 2020

Paul Irving, chairman of the Center for the Future of Aging at the Milken Institute and distinguished scholar in residence at the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, joins Professor George Shannon in a conversation that sheds light on the need to prepare for growing older, reasons to resist retiring, the value of volunteering and other opportunities of aging.

“This is the single thing that we all have in common, if we’re lucky. We don’t have race and gender and ethnicity and religion, but we all have aging. And yet, for some reason, this is something that people don’t want to talk about as much as they should [and] don’t want to prepare for. So, I think that for all of us who spend time thinking about this, [we should be] talking about it, communicating about it, [and] expressing that urgency. Not just for older adults, but for young people as well.”

Paul lrving: The Future of Aging