Type of Content: Research

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Resource Title: Nine Charts about the Future of Retirement

Publication Title: Urban Institute

Publish Date: July 23, 2019

Social Security cuts, shrinking employer-sponsored pensions, low savings rates, and longer life spans have raised fears of a looming retirement crisis. But other trends point to better retirement outcomes, such as women’s increased employment and earnings, longer working lives, and economic growth that raises wages.

How will these conflicting trends play out? How will the next generations of older Americans fare in retirement relative to those who came before? And what will happen to retirees if Congress cuts Social Security benefits to address the program’s long-term financing gap?

These nine charts, based on projections from the Urban Institute’s Dynamic Simulation of Income Model 4 (DYNASIM4), provide some answers. Using the best and most recent data available, DYNASIM4 helps sort out how the profound social, economic, and demographic shifts that are transforming retirement will shape older adults’ future financial security.

Nine Charts about the Future of Retirement

Resource URL: https://urbn.is/2K4igFq