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Resource Title: Meeting the Mid-Career Moment

Publication Title: Generations.org

Publish Date: July 2021

Every moment is a crossroads. But the diverging paths ahead are especially stark for older, midcareer workers: they make up the bulk of the long-term unemployed in many countries, and they face growing barriers to finding good jobs. If we choose to recognize the talents of this group and help them adapt to workplace disruptions, we can prosper together. But if we stick with the status quo, a bad situation will only get worse.

That is the key takeaway from a global survey— the first of its kind—commissioned by our nonprofit organization Generation to provide an in-depth view of individuals aged 45–60 who are seeking or working in entry-level and intermediate roles. Generation was founded to tackle youth unemployment, and has so far placed more than 43,000 young adults in careers. But we have recently expanded our programs to help meet the unique adaptation challenges faced by midcareer individuals.

Meeting the Mid-Career Moment

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