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Resource Title: How is the Pandemic Impacting Retirement Timelines?

Publication Title: Retirement Revised

Publish Date: June 26, 2020

The jobless rates for people over age 65 are higher than any other age group – with the exception of those under age 25 (young workers always have higher jobless rates, as they have less settled careers). The unemployment rates for workers age 55-64 also are very high, as are the rates are higher for older Black and Latinx workers, and for less-educated workers.

The other significant factor here is health risk. Older people are not more at risk of coronavirus infection, but some face higher risk of serious illness and death (more on the nuances underneath those numbers below). That is leading to a number of complications for workers and employers as they move to reopen.

How is the Pandemic Impacting Retirement Timelines?

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