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Resource Title: How Elders can Reinvigorate the Workforce

Publication Title: BBC News

Publish Date: November 14, 2019

As Cal Halvorsen, an expert in societal ageing from Boston College explains, older workers are still often seen as a burden….“We know that that there’s a lot of ageism in the workplace, whether supervisors or managers realise they’re doing it,” he says. Take training. Many employers fail to offer older employees opportunities for professional development, partly because they think these workers won’t be around for long enough to be worth the investment – and partly because many people underestimate the ability of older workers to learn new skills.

Halvorsen thinks this is a mistake. “These things can be learned. It’s just that organisations need to get better at teaching them. And the thing is, if you’re 55 years old, you might be in the workplace for another ten, fifteen, even twenty years,” he says.

Instead, Halvorsen thinks we should view the emerging multi-generational workforce as an opportunity. “There’s research out there which suggests that age diversity might actually stimulate and support creative thinking and innovation. There’s a study which suggests that age diverse teams might actually perform better, and research which shows that people from a variety of generations actually like to work together,” he says.

How Elders can Reinvigorate the Workforce

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