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Resource Title: Director of Centre for Innovative Ageing

Publication Title: Swansea University

Publish Date: closing date October 13, 2019

Swansea University is an ambitious institution, with a sustainable top 30 ambition, and in order to achieve this, a workforce is needed with the differentiated skills necessary to ensure delivery of excellence in research, teaching, learning, and the wider student experience.

The Centre for Innovative Ageing (CIA) provides a centre of excellence for research and training in the study of ageing; initiating, coordinating and supporting ageing research within Swansea University, fostering collaboration between researchers in Swansea and those further afield (nationally and internationally).

The Centre provides the infrastructure, focus and leadership for ageing research and scholarship across the University’s Colleges. It hosts the pan-Wales Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research (CADR). The Centre is the only one of its kind in Wales, identifying gaps in ageing research and generating new interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of ageing. The research emanating from the Centre is highly acclaimed and the standing and reputation of the Centre is well recognised in UK and International gerontology. Members of the Centre work collaboratively with other Centres in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, South Asia and Australasia and, and are sought after frequently as collaborators, consultants or advisors for international projects.

Director of Centre for Innovative Ageing

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