Type of Content: Research

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Resource Title: Current and Emerging Trends in Aging and Work

Publication Title: Springer

This timely volume provides an up-to-date and comprehensive summary about what is known about aging and work and addresses the challenges and opportunities confronting older workers and organizations. The authors describe current and emerging topics related to work and aging adults such as working in teams, the increasing diversity of the labor force, work and caregiving, the implications of technology for an aging workforce, and health and wellness issues. The authorship is international; the authors are renowned for their respective work in the topical areas and represent a broad range of disciplines within academia, as well as offer perspectives from government and policy.

Editors: Sara J. Czaja, Joseph Sharit, and Jacquelyn B. James

Current and Emerging Trends in Aging and Work

Resource URL: https://bit.ly/2kHgmCg