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Resource Title: Chip Conley: Teaching and Cultivating Modern Elders

Publication Title: Next Avenue

Publish Date: September 24, 2019

Can you tell me more about the movement?

It’s pro-aging and speaks to the idea that maybe elders will make a comeback, but in a new form. It’s about creating a world with intergenerational collaboration, where older people in the workforce can be partners with younger people and both have something to bring to the table.

A growing number of people are using the term ‘middlescence.’ It generally happens in your fifties. It’s a time when you move from accumulating to editing. Less ego, more soul. Less interesting, more interested. Less achieving and attaining, more creating a legacy and attuning.

It’s what the Modern Elder Academy has been doing in many ways. It’s so clear there’s a need for this. There’s such a gap between the societal and personal narrative of aging.

Chip Conley: Teaching and Cultivating Modern Elders

Resource URL: https://bit.ly/2oIW4Kb