Type of Content: Research

Subtype: Report

Resource Title: Census Bureau Releases Interactive Story Map on Population Aging Trends

Publication Title: National Institute on Aging

Publish Date: December 11, 2020

Released recently by the U.S. Census Bureau and funded in part by NIA, the Story Map is designed to provide information on our aging world. While we know a lot about the future dynamics of population aging, there are many issues we’ve yet to unravel and the story of our aging world may unfold in unexpected ways. The evolving family institutions and social networks that provide the foundation of support for each older adult and much of the needed response from governments and policymakers to the challenges of aging are still unclear. A more comprehensive understanding of population aging around the world can help us to anticipate and plan for future trends.

The An Aging World: 2020 Story Map walks through our aging world and explores how our world looks now and how it may change over the next 30 years. It guides users through a data-driven narrative using map series, text, and infographics. The Story Map illustrates the variation in proportion of 65 and older in all countries of the world; explains the process of population aging by a generalized model called the Demographic Transition; demonstrates changes in the main drivers of population aging – fertility decline and mortality decline; and exhibits differences in older dependency ratio, sex ratio, and healthy life expectancy. As the story of population aging and its challenges continue to unfold throughout the world, societies will choose to respond in similar and diverse ways.

Census Bureau Releases Interactive Story Map on Population Aging Trends

Resource URL: https://bit.ly/2WsB2Nq