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Resource Title: Call for Proposals --Advancing Economic Security

Publication Title: American Society on Aging April 11-14, 2022

Publish Date: Call for Proposals On Aging July 1-August 15, 2021

Submit your proposal to present at On Aging 2022

ASA is pleased to open a Call for Proposals to On Aging 2022, as we look forward to reuniting in person in New Orleans. Join 3,000+ practitioners, researchers, educators and clinicians in aging, along with leaders and experts throughout America to learn and educate others on how to better serve, design for, and create opportunities for the fastest-growing segment of America’s population.

Like last year, we seek proposals that align with and intersect across each of ASA’s five priority areas: Justice & Equity, Ageism & Culture, Health & Well-Being, Economic Security and Innovation & Social Impact. But this year, we are elevating Advancing Economic Security as our conference theme.

Even before the pandemic, the story of economic security for older people was not a straightforward one. While the longevity economy narrative highlights the significant and growing spending power and economic contributions of older cohorts, bankruptcy filings are rising and savings rates are decreasing among many older families, and older people seeking work have a harder time finding jobs compared to younger counterparts. The pandemic has complicated economic security even further, and factors such as climate change, changing family structures and the digital divide add to a mixed picture of financial stability as we age.

ASA invites you to share your research, programs, advocacy efforts and insights on Advancing Economic Security in aging. Topics could range from the longevity economy, housing, education, training, work and retirement structures, to family and social capital, economic instability and healthcare costs, and more. We especially encourage submissions that consider diversity, equity and inclusion, not only in economic security, but in each of our priority areas.

Call for Proposals –Advancing Economic Security