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Resource Title: America Needs An Older Workers’ Bureau

Publication Title: Forbes

Publish Date: June 11, 2021

So if the economy needs workers, and these older workers need money, why don’t they just keep working? The pandemic hit older workers hard; SCEPA finds that “unemployment rates for workers 55 and older” stayed higher than rates for mid-career workers for the first time since 1973.  Older workers were disproportionately concentrated in vulnerable jobs and face employer discrimination.  They “lost jobs faster and returned to work slower” than their mid-career counterparts.  And for older Blacks, women, or those with fewer education credentials, the challenges were even harder.

…But the first essential step to help older workers and the economy is for policy makers, advocates, businesses—and all of us—to recognize the economic importance of, and challenges facing, older workers.  Without attention to their needs, both they and the overall economy will suffer.

America Needs An Older Workers’ Bureau

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