Type of Content: Research

Subtype: Journal Article

Resource Title: Ageing, Work and Retirement in China, East and Southeast Asia

Publication Title: Project Muse (19)3; 53-78

Publish Date: August 2021

The work and retirement behaviour of older people in East and Southeast Asia is a major social and economic policy issue. The region currently has a relatively strong labour force participation and intensity of work at older ages, although with variations across location, gender and education. Labour income remains the dominant source of elderly income, in part due to underdeveloped social protection systems. The drivers of work and retirement behaviour include health status, access to pensions, care responsibilities and retirement decisions of spouses. There is potential for public policy to extend productive working lives, while mitigating social impacts. This includes extending pension coverage, removing policy barriers to longer and flexible work, building formal care systems, strengthening lifelong learning, and addressing negative societal attitudes. There is also a need for evidence on the productivity of older workers, cost-effectiveness of policy interventions, and the optimal roles of state, markets and households in employment outcomes of older people.

Ageing, Work and Retirement in China, East and Southeast Asia

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