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Resource Title: Ageing and Migration Status: Intersectional Forms of Discrimination and Exclusion

Publication Title: Frontiers in Psychology /Aging/ Sociology

Publish Date: May 2021

As populations age, there is a growing interest amongst policymakers, businesses, and other stakeholders on ways to enable older people to ‘actively age’ through: interventions to promote healthy ageing; participation in social, economic, and civic affairs; and ensuring physical, social and income security. Older people’s access to resources necessary for ageing well is impacted by socio-economic status. This in turn, draws attention to the policy and resource needs of communities of older people. One such community is older immigrants, those whom Warnes et al (2004) termed ‘ageing in place’, including economic migrants, asylum seekers and undocumented workers. For many, their life courses are characterized by precarious and disrupted careers, inaccessibility to public resources, and social isolation, in addition to age and race intersecting to create unique forms of discrimination.

…We welcome original research, systematic reviews, community case studies, research reports and policy reviews as well as general commentaries and opinion pieces on active ageing and immigration. Contributions are welcome from the perspectives of migration studies, public and social policy, sociology, health, psychology, and business, although this list is not exhaustive. …We welcome contributions addressing:
• How older immigrants experience ageing within social, economic and personal spheres
• Barriers which older immigrants face in ageing well
• Social and public policy challenges in enabling active ageing within the immigrant population
• The intersection of age and migration status in terms of lived experience
• Examples of good practice in active ageing with immigrants and how it can be disseminated, shared, and embedded.

In order to launch the Research Topic, there is a webinar discussion on 1 July 2021 from 11-12 UK time.  More information about the webinar.

Ageing and Migration Status: Intersectional Forms of Discrimination and Exclusion

Resource URL: https://bit.ly/3caxJme