Type of Content: Research

Subtype: Journal Article

Resource Title: Action Research in Age Management: The Quality of Ageing at Work Model

Publication Title: Work, Aging and Retirement (7)4:339–351

Publish Date: October 2021

This article discusses the introduction of age management practices within organizations and the possible resistance to their implementation, linked to the persistence of stereotypes and barriers associated with employee age and the presence of hostile organizational cultures. The article proposes to adopt an action research approach to facilitate the implementation of these practices, presenting for this purpose an action research model, the Quality of Ageing at Work, tested in 31 organizations in Italy and Spain. In light of a review of the literature on age management and action research, it describes the methodology of the Quality of Ageing at Work model and discusses it through the presentation of an organizational case. The Quality of Ageing at Work model consists of alternate phases of action and reflection through which researchers, in constant dialogue with field actors (in this case, managers, work councils, and workers), analyze organizational needs, by applying qualitative and quantitative tools, discuss them, and propose solutions. The main result of the intervention can be considered the increased awareness and autonomy of the organization in implementing an age management plan. This result confirms the effectiveness of interventions built on the dialogical and iterative principles of action research, generating, in a democratic way, new awareness and knowledge and producing organizational change.

Action Research in Age Management: The Quality of Ageing at Work Model