Type of Content: Research

Subtype: Journal Article

Resource Title: A Daily Diary Study of Responses to Age Meta-stereotypes

Publication Title: Work, Aging and Retirement

Publish Date: June 8, 2019

An age meta-stereotype occurs when we activate the idea that another age group is holding a stereotype of our age group, but what happens after this occurs? We used experience sampling methodology to explore reactions to, and subsequent behaviors associated with, positive and negative age meta-stereotypes occurring over the course of a work week. One hundred eighty-five employees from various organizations across the United States responded to a daily survey tapping into activation of positive and negative age meta-stereotypes, reactions (threat, challenge, or boost), and interpersonal behaviors (avoidance, conflict, and engagement). Hypotheses regarding relationships among reactions and behaviors were largely supported, but there were some unexpected findings regarding reactions to positive and negative age meta-stereotypes.

A Daily Diary Study of Responses to Age Meta-stereotypes

Resource URL: https://bit.ly/2ojzYOF