Type of Content: News

Subtype: Call for Papers

Resource Title: 2021 Review Issue: Work, Aging and Retirement

Publication Title: Work, Aging and Retirement

Publish Date: Deadline February 29, 2020

2021 Review Issue: Work, Aging and Retirement

Mo Wang, University of Florida, Editor

The editorial team of Work, Aging and Retirement is pleased to announce a call for proposals for the 2021 review issue.

Timeline and Submission Process

Submissions to the review issue can take two forms:

  1. Papers that summarize or integrate existing literature on a topic, and
  2. Papers that provide conceptual and theoretical development on an important issue.

In either case, papers should also provide direction for future research. Papers can cover a range of topics related to age in the workplace and retirement. View a sampling of specific topic areas appropriate for this journal.

Proposals should be submitted between February 1 and February 29, 2020 via the journal’s online submission portal. Please be sure to select “Review Issue” as the submission type. Also, note that review issue proposals may NOT be submitted before February 1, 2020.

2021 Review Issue: Work, Aging and Retirement