Supported by a feasibility grant in 2014 from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to Jacquelyn James, co-director of the Center on Aging & Work, the Network was established in 2015 as an international, multidisciplinary research network focused on the changing circumstances of work in later life.   The goals of the Network are to:

  • Provide a forum for sharing members’ cutting edge work from various disciplines, including psychology, sociology, economics, social work, human resource management, and other areas of study,
  • Develop a future interdisciplinary agenda for aging and work research,
  • Develop a set of papers for a special issue of a journal,
  • Develop a specialized set of resources and tools for aging and work researchers.

During the last year over 1470 scholars from 14 countries and 15 different disciplines have become members of the Sloan Research Network on Aging & Work.  The Network is joined by a stellar advisory committee.