Social Processes Associated With Health and Health Behaviors Linked to Early Mortality in People With a Diagnosis of a Serious Mental Illness

In this article, we present the social processes impacting early mortality in people with serious mental illness (SMI)paradigm, which highlights the powerful role of social processes in shaping the health and health behaviors of people with SMI.

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July 20, 2021

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Deadline July 15, 2019: Request (RFP) for Proposals on Justice, Equity, and Inclusion for Older Workers

Over the last two decades, the phrase “aging and work” has evolved from its status as an oxymoron to a well-understood reality. While perceived and/or real age discrimination has been identified as a factor limiting options for older adults, less is known about factors that mitigate against such perceptions of unfairness and injustice.

Thus, we invite proposals that focus on the positive side of that equation–what workplace policies and practices enhance the prospects of justice and inclusion for older workers, especially issues faced by certain vulnerable, marginalized groups of older adults (under-represented minorities; URM)?

July 8, 2019

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