Policies for an Aging Labor Force – Keeping Older Workers with Health Conditions Employed

” As workers grow older, they are at increased risk of experiencing serious work-limiting conditions. When these conditions cause them to become unemployed, they are at a heightened risk of taking premature retirement and experiencing an unplanned, permanent reduction in their income.”

Resource URL: https://urbn.is/3aqpjar

December 19, 2020

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Policies to Improve Workforce Services for Older Americans

Especially given today’s high level of unemployment, the large share of affected workers who are older, and the inadequacy of many older adults’ retirement savings, the need to address these shortcomings is urgent.

Resource URL: https://brook.gs/3fPp4q7

November 30, 2020

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Steven H. Sandell Grant Program

The Center for Retirement Research sponsors the annual Steven H. Sandell Grant Program for scholars in the field of retirement or disability research and policy.

Resource URL: https://bit.ly/3fL37si

November 27, 2020

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Will the Pandemic Worsen the Retirement Gap for Women?

Women face tougher odds than men achieving a secure retirement – they have lower lifetime earnings throughout their lifetimes and caregiving responsibilities cause them to spend more years out of the job market or to work in part-time positions that don’t come with retirement benefits.

Resource URL: https://bit.ly/2UHDcrF

November 19, 2020

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Equity, Justice, and Inclusion for Older Workers: Recommendations and Solutions — Part 2: Systems of Inequality Affecting Older Workers

This two-part webinar series from The Gerontological Society of America aims to: (1) identify the challenges of underrepresented older workers in their efforts to obtain or retain employment and (2) identify strategies for overcoming those challenges for people who either want or need to work in later life.

Resource URL: https://bit.ly/38GqT7e

November 13, 2020

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Work–family Balance in the Second Half of Life: Caregivers’ Decisions Regarding Retirement and Working Time Reduction in Europe

The results show that, in most cases, upward caregiving to parents is less relevant for deciding to remain in the labour market than lateral care (especially to siblings, friends and neighbours) and downward grandchild care.

Resource URL: https://bit.ly/3e9L3Hr

October 30, 2020

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