Global Report on Ageism

The Global Report on Ageism outlines a framework for action to reduce ageism including specific recommendations for different actors (e.g. government, UN agencies, civil society organizations, private sector). It brings together the best available evidence on the nature and magnitude of ageism, its determinants and its impact. It outlines what strategies work to prevent and counter ageism, identifies gaps and proposes future lines of research to improve our understanding of ageism.  

Unemployment at 50+: Economic and Psychosocial Consequences

Social Exclusion in Later Life — This open access book provides a comprehensive analysis of social exclusion of older people. In this chapter, we draw attention to the latent functions of work and the psychosocial consequences of job loss in later life.

Ageism in the Workforce and in Industry

This free webinar provides an in-depth understanding of ageism in the workforce and in the industry, by presenting examples of discrimination in the labour market.