The Sloan Research Network on Aging & Work is an international, multidisciplinary research network focused on the changing circumstances of work in later life. The Network was established in 2015 with a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to Jacquelyn James, Ph.D, Director of the Network. The Network is joined by a stellar Steering Committee.


The goals of the Network are to:

  • Provide a forum for sharing members’ cutting-edge work from various disciplines, including psychology, sociology, economics, social work, human resource management, and other areas of study
  • Develop a future interdisciplinary agenda for aging and work research
  • Develop a set of papers for a special issue of a journal
  • Develop a specialized set of resources and tools for aging and work researchers

To create a robust and sustainable network of scholars, the Network will focus on the following activities:

  • Host annual face-to-face meetings with Network members
  • Provide ongoing communications and other activities for members
  • Publish signature Center communications such as the AGEnda blog and Fact of the Week


Our mission is to facilitate collaboration and interaction among scholars from across the world and many disciplinary perspectives whose research focuses on the context of aging and work in light of longer lives and increasing individual responsibility for retirement income.


Since the feasibility grant, the network has grown with more scholars from various disciplines in different countries.

Year # of Scholars # of Countries # of Disciplines
2020 293 26 24
2019 278 26 24
2018 232 21 24
2017 200 21 24
2016 200 15 14
2015 118 15 14